Legendary Self

Even though she only took a few weeks to do, there was so much coming from this encounter. I'll put some parts in from my journaling: After I started opening her up I started feeling excited, my heart like it was expanding and feeling a little buzzy with the energy....

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The Muse Comes Forward

I was really surprised by the Muse on our 3 days in Melbourne. For starters...she didn't show herself. Here is a snippet of the conversation: me: can you show me your face my dear for this? Muse: Use your imagination and see with your heart. Me: That's helpful! Muse:...

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Mary Magdalene

This painting was done through Shiloh Sophia's online class on Mary Magdalene. It's been a long time since I looked at the feminine in traditional Christianity. I studied it at university and loved many of the historical aspects of it, although I could never...

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The Power of Intentional Creativity

Well, where to start after such an emotional weekend. Last week I shared how I had started my journey with Talisman painting and how it can be so transformational.... well didn't I find out about it!!! I had left the painting where it was last week thinking that it...

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A New Challenge Begins

I began the Talisman journey this week. This is part of the Intentional Creativity Teachers course. I'm really seeing that as I'm venturing more into teaching, that I need to continue to work on myself. As the saying goes 'healer, heal thyself'. This has been a lovely...

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3 Things Blocking Your Creativity

I’m not creative. I can’t draw. I can’t do art. These are things I hear all the time in my work and from the students who come to my classes. Maybe you’ve said it too. Somewhere along the line, something has happened that has stopped your creativity in its tracks....

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