“Everyone is creative and through creativity, your soul can shine through”


Soothing The Heart

A creative space for healing - FREE Self Paced mini workshop

Since forever, it would seem art has always been part of my life…


Hi, I’m Gisela!

Thank you for coming by to check me out.  

I believe everyone has an individual creative spark that when nurtured and given the right tools can grow into a glowing joyful fire.

Once that creative fire is lit your consciousness will begin to awaken and you’ll have the ability to be centred much quicker.

My work is to guide you in finding your own unique creative style. Even if you have never drawn or picked up a paintbrush, with a guiding hand you can discover the joy and calming effects of creativity.

Creative practice can be as powerful and effective as meditation.

You will find a deeper understanding of yourself and your inner voice through the creative process.

Intentional Creativity connects you to your inner voice of intuition where all your answers reside.

Want to find out more about how more about how Intentional Creativity can connect you to your inner voice of intuition?

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 “I have loved this painting class. I have never really painted before (I’m not very patient) but thank you so much for all your guidance. I really like the layered approach and being able to be messy and splatter paint around. I liked our first session when we visualised our mermaids, they’re all so different, just like us! Here’s to our differences! If my mermaid could speak, she’d probably say ‘Paint More!’ So much fun.” 

- Scarlett

I’ve always been an artist….always had a journal for as long as I can remember. It always felt right when I was either writing poetry or doodling. As I finished school and joined the ‘grown-up’ world I stopped and I only started again when my heart was broken. Only in that moment did I truly start seeking healing.

What I discovered in my quest for healing was that I was telling myself stories that weren’t really my stories. That I ‘had to work hard’ to become ‘someone’, that I wasn’t good enough and no one would love me. I became a teacher instead of an artist, I married the first person to show interest. I worked hard and never seem to get anywhere.

All through these moments I always went back to my art and writing. There was always a journal to pour out onto. There was always paint. I think it’s been these two things that saw me consistently survive. I always felt different – the loner, the weird one. I always cared about others.

I knew that my path was with healing, but how to do it was difficult. From what I was experiencing it seemed to be common that you would go and see ‘someone’ to fix you, and you would feel great but after a while the same issues would come up again. So, I found myself on a bit of a merry go round of healing, until I had a lightbulb moment…I have the answers…My answers are within.

When I created a deck of oracle cards so that people would learn how to gain their own intuition and answers. Wow, what a flop…I would get calls from people who bought them, ‘the book doesn’t tell me what this means’, ‘why isn’t there more explanations to tell me the meaning?’.

I think from then on, part of what I do with people is to help them gain their own answers and learn to trust their own intuition. It’s not until you are willing to work on yourself and follow your inner guidance that you truly start to heal.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t seek out others to help with my healing, but I take full responsibility and listen for my inner voice. For example, when I have a decision to make, I know that if I start looking for answers and opinions from others, I’m not in tune or listening. I need to get back to centre, back to writing, back to painting to ‘hear’ the truth. It’s always within us if we are willing to listen.

I now know that
I am an artist, I am a healer & I am a teacher.

My experiences through the last twenty years help me to assist you in finding your centre. Help you paint over your old story to create a colourful new future and reconnect with your joy.

Let’s Create Magic Together


Let’s create together. My offerings are for online and face to face. There are group classes or you can have individual creative experiences.

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