Art For The Soul

Together we will paint over your old story
to create a colourful new future and
reconnect with your joy

Soothing The Heart

A creative space for healing - FREE Self Paced mini workshop

From Heart To Paintbrush

Welcome to the World of Imagination and Possibility

I help women heal themselves and improve their intuition through an enjoyably creative process.

My “work” is about the internal world and what goes on there as well as reaching out to help others, by creating transformative healing artworks for them. 

5 Day Creatively Challenge Group

Join my FREE 5 Day Challenge and join my supportive group of women on Facebook where we share our own challenges and celebrate our Artwork in a safe space.

Soul Guide Artwork

With all this colour, intention and love you can purchase originals, prints and products or if you want you can order your own Soulful piece.


Let’s create together. My offerings are for online and face to face. There are group classes or you can have individual creative experiences.

Intentional Creativity is accessible to everybody….this process has nothing to do with talent. 

Everyone that comes to my classes” starts with “I’m not really creative”, but once you let go and relax, amazing things start to happen… Just like magic.

Everyone has an individual creative spark that when nurtured and given the right tools can grow into a glowing joyful fire. Once that creative fire is lit your consciousness will begin to awaken and then….anything is possible.

“First class in drawing and it was incredible!!!!!

Enjoyed how we visioned our Muse with a meditation on the first class. Although my final image was not as I pictured in my mind, Gisela guided me as it progressed.” 

- Sandy

Hi and Welcome

I'm Gisela and I help people gain their own answers and learn to trust their own intuition through art.

It’s not until you are willing to work on yourself and follow your inner guidance that you truly start to heal.

Since forever, it would seem art has always been part of my life...

I found myself on a bit of a merry go round of healing until I had a lightbulb moment…I have the answers…My answers are within and yours are too.

Find out more about how I can help you get off that Merry Go Round of Healing by clicking the button below.

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